That day- あの日を旅する

  1. Yamatoji 大和路 -Irie Taikichi 入江泰吉

    Irie Taikichi is the great photographer I was firstly inspired by.At that time…

  2. Perth, Past and Present

    Since I came to Perth, I have taken many Photos about the town and the people. I…

  3. Paradise city Perth. Is it true?  

    "Paradise city Perth" Is it true? Five years have passed  since I started …

  4. Boyhood Now 少年時代

    Boyhood NowThinking back, On the 31st August 4 years ago, I started on a journ…

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  2. Yamatoji 大和路 -Irie Taikichi 入江…
  3. Perth, Past and Present
  4. Paradise city Perth. Is it tru…
  5. Boyhood Now 少年時代
  1. That day- あの日を旅する

    Paradise city Perth. Is it true?  
  2. Movie 映画への旅

    Yamatoji 大和路 -Irie Taikichi 入江泰吉
  3. This day- 今日を旅する

    With the coming of winter 冬の到来とともに
  4. That day- あの日を旅する

    Boyhood Now 少年時代
  5. That day- あの日を旅する

    Perth, Past and Present