That day- あの日を旅する

Boyhood Now 少年時代

Boyhood Now
Thinking back, On the 31st August 4 years ago, I started on a journey from Japan, and that time, I was looking at the ocean spread out below the wing, while I was throwing an image to ancient adventures who launched out into the ocean, exploring a new world in their minds.
It was the beginning of this my journey.

And from that time four years passed.

After I had studied English for one year, I had relearnt photography with the fundamentals for 3 years.
And, now, as I’m creating my new web site and blog, I’m questioning myself.

What was the Four years passed for me?

About the traces which the passage of time remained, one person sings, ” Before and after dream.”, one person sings, “A longing remained.”, and one person sings, ” The long winding road.”

Now I am realizing that the time, in short, a great gift as a jewel case which is filled with jewels, even if it is the same length of time as wherever.

If I had lived in Japan for four years like before, the things taken in my hand would have been only a common box which was filled with only stones, even if it had been the same time.

One of the gift is unmistakably many classmates who I have known for four years. I’m sure that I could really feel what their minds were like and what their nationalities they embodied were like, even if I couldn’t communicate enough with them by languages. That is exactly what I could have taken in my hand, only because I had studied with various young persons in Perth, not in Japan.

Moreover, it is also which I anew had recognized myself and Japanese nationality which had cultivated myself for a long time.
As we knew each difference of nationality, the barrier between them and me, or between my home country and their home country,
did it become higher than before?
Not! I’m sure that the barrier became lower for each other.
It is never a feeling in virtual world, and, in fact, it is just a real feeling that I had.

And, another gift is kindness.
The great kindness to us who came to the unknown land, of Teachers who warmly led us, of Japanese Staffs who kindly supported us in the local place, and of Aussies who always had warm smiling faces to us, just their kindness, that is a universal language.
It seems to me that English skill or communication by English can follow behind kindness.
Which did their Kindness of Aussies originate from?

As I wrote in my blog before, I think that it is from the origin of the land and themselves.
Because the land was originally a colony of political prisoner and settler was developed by them, and after that, many peoples, who didn’t have been recognized the value as error coins, immigrated to there, and by them the foundation of the nation was laid.
Also, because they could show native values.
I’m feeling as the kindness of the present descendants originates from the depths.

In Perth, various races, including me, are studying and living. They bring each cultures, customs, and ways of thinking to this land.
Probably, they’ll blend little by little, grow up and create a new large culture. Now I’m imagining so.
I think that it is just a ” Concordant- 融和 uuwa- ” world which people in there will create with the throes of creation, not globalization from above.

This is one of examples of that.
At the presentation of my classwork, when a Taiwanese female introduced Japan among the presentation about Travel, she took up ” Okuno Hosomichi -奥の細道-” by ” Matsuo Basho-松尾芭蕉-“, but she didn’t know well it.
So I introduced that he was a famous Haiku Poet in the Edo period. Besides, I introduced the famous opening paragraph of ” Okuno Hosomichi -奥の細道-“.
At that time, she asked all classmates, “What is Travel?”.
But, since nobody had the right answer, I answered the word which came to mind at once, “Travel is time.”. It is why that paragraph was like the following.
Tsukihi-wa hiyakudai-no kuwakaku-nisite yukikafutosi-mo mata tabibito nari-”
“Month and day is traveler, and , coming an going year is also traveler”
She seemed to be deeply persuaded of it, so again, this time I introduced the playback of the paragraph by an electronic dictionary. This time, the others classmates seemed to understand too somehow, maybe because of the word, “Travel is time.”
Our teacher, Emel, seemed to understand the meaning of the word, because she studied Japanese before.
This is one of cases which one of Japanese cultures was understood.

Moreover, I intend to introduce the word which is symbolized by ” 融和-Concord or Harmony or Peace-“.
It is one sentence of an ancient Japanese Constitution,” The Constitution of 17 Articles”.
” 一に曰く、和を以て尊しと為す
Ichi-ni iwaku wa-o motsute toutosi-to nasu- ”
” Harmony is the greatest of virtues. ”
This is the paragraph I especially like, so I introduce it at every opportunity.

How much times have I ever been healed for four years by seagulls which were flying around the city, or by dreamers which were showing their performances in the street?
And when my daughter got sick, Aussies kindly came to my apartment, and helped her undergo her rehabilitation. They seemed just angels. My family shall always remember their kindness.

And, now I’m remembering the teaching of an old Aborigine man who I put down in my old Web page.
It is the word called ” Sharing”.
Just, it means we are living together in harmony, not only with fellow human beings, but also with animals and nature. That is all creatures share this land.
I think that this word is translated into Japanese as ” 融和-yuuwa-” or ” 和- wa-“.
Since ancient times Japanese have prayed all living things were living together in harmony. That is exactly because Japanese have believed Kami was dwelling in all existences.
I think ” 和- wa” means all living things live together in harmony.
As I mentioned above, the four years is like the gift as a jewel case which is filled with jewels, but, now I’m feeling the mind or the essence of gift was “Kindness” and “和”

In addition,
Last year I created my first photo book, “After Dream Before-Graffiti of Perth”.
It is also the Graffiti of Perth, revealing the voices of existence hidden in the urban world.
In there, countless figures and passions, dream, hope, struggle and frustration swirl around.
That is to say, it is a lyrical picture weaved from traces performed on the stage of urban life.
Each is also a page of their history marked by light and time.
It was then I realized that four years had passed since I arrived in Perth. Even so, I didn’t know the city very well, but now I am sure I could come to know it through my photographs.
On the surface, the landscape is different from the Japan I know and which I had been surrounded by for fifty years. But now I am sure that beneath the surface, the people of Perth are not very different from those in Japan.

The book became a compilation of studying on photography I undertook for 3 years.
I dedicated it to Perth City and People living in there as my paying back.
And now again, I could embark on a professional photographer.
Therefore I deeply appreciate the Kami-sama of Photography.
It is exactly why I could have budding of dream by the lead of the Kami.

What will years from now be for me?
Even if I’ll continue to pursue my dream as an old dreamer as ever,
am I worrying about what’ s going to happen after this?

While I’m thinking over about something like so, and also about the excited space of four years like Boyhood, I have been being healed by the following song lyrics of Inoue Yousui 井上陽水.

By Youshoumei 葉祥明


Summer’s over, see the whirling breeze like thistle
Getting lost and drifting on in forgotten dreams
Somewhere in the blue sky, my heart is left behind
The breeze and I are left in summer, together in a dream

In the darkest night, I woke up from my dream
Long long winter has call, shut the windows so tight
Someone keeps on calling me
But everything was dream
Now I know it’s (just) a piece of memory

Summer festival, bonfire’s smoldering
Pounding heart beat, I can hear its beautiful sound
Dreamer’s fireworks are flowers in the sky
The breeze and I are left in summer, together in a dream

Wake up at midnight, after the sweetest dream
Looming shadow comes out
(and it’s) going all the way to the sky
(and it) reaches to the shooting stars
But everything was dream
Now I know it’s (just) a piece of memory
Translated By David Yasui

Japanese original


夏がすぎ 風あざみ
誰のあこがれに さまよう
青空に残された 私の心は 夏模様
夢がさめ 夜の中 長い冬が窓をとじて
呼びかけたままに 夢はつまり 思い出のあとさき

夏がすぎ 宵あざみ
夢の高まりに あわせて
8月は夢花火 私の心は 夏模様
目が覚めて 夢のあと 長い影が夜にのびて
星屑の空へ 夢はつまり 思い出のあとさき
夏がすぎ 風あざみ
誰のあこがれに さまよう
8月は夢花火 私の心は 夏模様

About Inoue Yousui 井上陽水

He is one of the best favorite singer-songwriter.
Also, he is the same generation as me.
So, I have been hearing his music since my twenties.
His words are very poetic style.
It is written by simple words, and is like Haiku 俳句.
Therefore, the nuances of his poetry are very difficult to translate into English.
In addition, his voice and melody is very clear, overflowing with emotion.
I have some LP records.
I usually listen to his song by CD, LP, and his melody my wife is playing with piano.

This time, in the page, I put his original singing and English version by




時の流れが残した残影については、ある人は「夢のあとさき」と言い、ある人は、「残された憧憬」と言い、また、ある人は、”The long winding road”とも言っています。



そして、もう一つのGIFTはKindnessです。この見知らぬ地へ来た私たちを、暖かく迎えてくれた師匠たち、我々をサポートしてくれた現地の日本人スタッフたち、そして何よりも暖かい笑顔で接してくれたオージーたち、彼らのKindnessこそUniversal 言語ではなかっただろうか。



その時、彼女は、”What is Travel?”と、皆に尋ねました。
誰も適切な回答がありませんでしたので、私は、その時、とっさに思い浮かんだ言葉、”Travel is time”と答えました。それは、芭蕉のあの一節がつぎのようなものであったからです。
“Travel is time”という英語からか、何となく納得した模様でした。我々のTeacher Emelは日本語を勉強した経験があり、少し日本語がしゃべれますので、その意味を理解したようでした。




昨年、私は、私のはじめての写真集” After Dream Before 夢のあとさき-Ume no ato saki”をつくりました。
ひとつひとつのイメージは、光と時間によって印された 彼らそれぞれの 歴史の一コマを現しています。





夏がすぎ 風あざみ
誰のあこがれに さまよう
青空に残された 私の心は 夏模様
夢がさめ 夜の中 長い冬が窓をとじて
呼びかけたままに 夢はつまり 思い出のあとさき

夏がすぎ 宵あざみ
夢の高まりに あわせて
8月は夢花火 私の心は 夏模様
目が覚めて 夢のあと 長い影が夜にのびて
星屑の空へ 夢はつまり 思い出のあとさき
夏がすぎ 風あざみ
誰のあこがれに さまよう
8月は夢花火 私の心は 夏模様

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