This day- 今日を旅する

With a breath of Spring- 春の息吹きと共に

With a breath of Spring
Here, in Perth the season has reached into mid-September, and at last the cold has moderated, and it has greeted Wildflower. Every year, at this time I go to Kings Park, a place well known for Wildflower, and feel a breath of Spring.
About Wildflower we have information like the following.
“The wildflower collection in Western Australia is the largest on Earth. With more than 12,000 species, over 60% of which are found nowhere else on Earth, they color the landscapes from coast to forest and city to outback.
The six-month flowering season begins in the north in June and July on the vast outback plains of the Pilbara, Goldfields and Coral Coast where vibrant blooms contrast with pindan earth, rugged canyons and turquoise sea.
By September, it has moved south and reached Perth’s botanical gardens, nature reserves and national parks, finishing with a flurry in October and November throughout the forests and coastal heaths of the South West. You can take in the spectacles of each region and season on the many the wildflower scenic drives and walking trails.”

This flower, just like the name, from wild area to around urban area flowers extending over a wide field. The flowering reaches from the north in June to the south in October, just like the cherry-blossom front line in Japan. In Perth, the flower is in full bloom in mid-September. A flower is small, but shows a strong and colorful figure. The look growing in profusion shows the brilliant scenery under the blue sky.

Last year I went there with my family, having 28mm~300mm long zoom lens in my hand.

This year, I went there second time, having 105mm macro-lens and tripod. Because I intended to approach more the heart of flower or the breath of life. By using macro-lens, I wanted to represent the breathing of flower.
As I approached one by one flower leaf enough close, there was each breathing of lives surely. Just that time, I felt as I would to be able to communicate firstly with the flower one by one.
There, the light of life, breathing, energy of life whirling around, and bees, fascinated by allurement of honey, were flying around, and immersing in sucking honey.
Just for the first time I I really felt that I was living here just on earth with these flowers and bees, including myself, as each member of all living things.

In Perth, Kings Park’s botanical gardens is best location. Every year I go to Kings Park, and photographs wildflower.
The bloom is a sign of spring. There, people can feel just a breath of spring.
Firstly it starts from a faint light of life, next a bursting bud, next flowering, next boisterous dancing, next growing into alluring color world like a mandara, and insects joining in the growing world.
Finally, it seems to play a symphony harmonized with all living things.

While I was photographing, immersing in the world, naturally words of thanks to the world had arisen from my mind.

“Hello Wild flowers!
Thank you, all flowers!
You are beautiful.
Thank you, Nature!
You are clear.
I am there with you.
It is a great harmony time with you.
I feel a breath of Spring.
It is a blessing of nature to all being lives.”




“Hello Wild flowers!
Thank you, all flowers!
You are beautiful.
Thank you, Nature!
You are clear.
I am there with you.
It is a great harmony time with you.
I feel a breath of Spring.
It is a blessing of nature to all being lives.”

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    • Anna Ivanova
    • September 29th, 2018

    it’s awesome post! I love every photo! It brought great memories to me! Thank you so much, Tatsuro San

      • tatsuro
      • January 8th, 2019

      Thank you so much, Anna!
      I am sorry for so late reply.
      I knew your comment, when I began next post.
      Now I completed next post, and published it.
      Also i always enjoy your photos.
      I hope you would have a great happy time wit your family.

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