That day- あの日を旅する

Paradise city Perth. Is it true?  

“Paradise city Perth” Is it true? 

Five years have passed  since I started studying abroad in Perth.
Now, thinking back to the past time, I’m questioning myself.
“Why studied abroad in Perth?”
The first reason is that I wished relearning photography, starting with the foundation, and also studying English language.
“Why came to Perth?”. 
Once, Kanetaka Kaoru, who was a famous world traveller, said ” Perth is the most beautiful city in the world.”, after she had traveled around the world. I ever had known the writing by a book. So, after I retired my job in 2012, I came here to have a look as a long stay before studying abroad.
Then, I wrote a favorable impression as a post in my Japanese Blog “Leisure photographic diary on studying abroad”. 

It’s just why I chose Perth as the place of studying abroad.
The post of my blog is the following “Paradise city Perth”. 

Local information magazine for Japanese “Perth Express” describes about Perth like the following.
“Perth is known as the most beautiful city, the most isolated city, the best easy life circumstances, and a Utopia being well in harmony with nature and civilization. In 1827, the development of virgin land Perth was started by English, and after then, by the excavation of  natural resources, such as gold, natural gas, and ironstone, Perth has exceedingly grown up with WA, where is the greatest state in Australia. And now, Perth is the capital city of the state of WA, where has a population of about 1700000.
In the central of city, modern buildings rise to the sky in a row, and face the Swan River flowing slowly, as it shows the lifestyle of the citizens of Perth. About the climate, Perth is called as the city where has the most sunny days in Australia, and by the warm Mediterranean climate, the citizens have a comfortable life all trough the year. And there is a beautiful townscape shinning in the blue sky, and deep blue the Indian Ocean and pure white sandy beach. More, the sun rising from the skyline, and setting to the horizon. Just Perth is a Paradise city.”

The description might be too exaggerated a little, but it shows Perth is a paradise city having great appeal so much.

However, the signs of global warming seems to be sneaking up also on Perth, such as the high temperature of this summer, the flood, and the extension of an ozone hole.
What would the results of signs bring to the land?
Would Adam and Eve, now living here, be banished from the Paradise? Would the Paradise be lost? Just as Adam and Eve in the Old Testament were banished from the Garden of Eden, and lose it.
Could we prevent disappearing of Paradise? Or, must we resign ourselves to the inevitable fate of human beings?
While I am turning my thoughts like so, now I am standing at the exhibition hall of WA Museum, and watching the exhibition.

Now, in the hall, the exhibition about the history of Western Australia and Perth is opening.
Once, the Protestant, having ill feeling toward the religion of the British Empire, headed for a new continent, America, and established a new nation, and on the other hand, also to Australia continent a lot of prisoners, including political prisoners, were sent from Britain, and by their bloods and sweats they contributed greatly to establishment of this nation.
Even now, many buildings they had built remain in Perth. Such as Town Hall kindly known as a clock tower.
Also, the great exhibition hall, opening this exhibition, is the old building reused the prison in where the prisoners were confined.

A long time ago, in a desolate land, there was the old Perth Land, in where was covered a riotous profusion of wild flowers on the bank of Swan River. The birth of Perth originated just from the land.

However, the founding of this nation originated from a conquest of the original inhabitants, Aborigine. At the beginning, Australia took the policy of racial discrimination called as the “White Australia” policy”, and it had continued for a long time. The children of mixed Aborigine and White were called as Black, and the discrimination was very hard. About the grim reality like so, the movie “Australia” narrates a great deal. After that, “White Australia” was covered up, and the government made a formal apology to Aborigine. Now, the government changes to active immigration policy, and takes active step to bring receiving immigrants. As a result, many people from various races gather in Perth, and live friendly together without racial discrimination.
While I was watching the exhibition, I was deeply feeling the crystallization of time that a wasteland had reborn to Paradise City by the sweats, tears, and bloods of earlier people.
And, also I wished this Paradise City would continue to exist forever.

As I went out the Museum, I came into the view that the people of various races and generations were friendly communicating under clear blue sky. So, I began to feel very happy, and I wished the time would last forever, while I gave thanks to earlier people.


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