That day- あの日を旅する

Perth, Past and Present

Since I came to Perth, I have taken many Photos about the town and the people. In the meantime, I was thinking of knowing better about Perth. And I was questioning myself about the followings.
What was the old land, Perth, and People?
What is the difference between past and present?
What will the future of Perth be?
And, I wrote one essay, aiming to get my own answer about these questions, also for my presentation in the English school class.
It’s the following.
Perth, Past and Present
1. Land
A long time ago, never known, the Land was one. One was ancient super continent, named “Pangaea”. It was separated into six continents. One of them was the Australian Continent. It was finally separated from the Antarctic Continent. And it became an isolated continent in the Southern Hemisphere. In the land of Perth there were a river, the surrounding trees and wild flowers, and over there the mountains. In 1829, newly arriving British colonists had their first view of the mainland.

How was the Australian Continent?

It was One, Super Continent-Pangaea.
Then, separated from One to Six Continents.
Eurasian, African, North American, South American, Australian, Antarctica
It was One, Super Continent-Pangaea. From One To Six Continents. Eurasian African North American South American Australian Antarctica

What kind of view was Old Land?

In the land of Perth there were a river, the surrounding trees and wild flowers, and over there the mountains.

2. Human beings
The Origin of Human beings was from Africa. The Human were spread around the world by human great journey.
Aborigine firstly arrived in Australian Continents. They become the Nyoongar.

Where was ancient Australian from?

It was from Africa.


Nyoongar in 1870







3. The Origin of Perth

Perth was originally founded by Captain James Stirling in 1829. He said that Perth was as beautiful as anything of this kind I had ever witnessed. Since then British settlement had began.The city was named for Perth, Scotland, by influence of Sir George Murray, then British Secretary of State for War and the Colonies. And the plan of townsite of Perth was already designed in 1838.

What kind of first view was Perth land?

In the land of Perth there were a river, the surrounding trees and wild flowers, and over there the mountains.

In 1827

When was Perth land founded?

In 1829, Captain James Stirling founded Perth.

He said that was “As beautiful of this kind I had ever witnessed.”

Planning Map of townsite In 1838

How have Perth transformed?

Old time                                                                                    Now






Old Time
Nyoongar in 1870                                              Immigrants

Classified as a world city in 2010
9th of world’s most liveable cities in 2012


View from Kings Park

             Old time In 1920                                                         Now In 2012

4. The old buildings and new buildings
Now, in Perth many old buildings remain. They look very beautiful. And there are a lot of new buildings. Also some high-rise buildings look very beautiful. The two style, old and new, buildings are well mixed up together. SO, the townscape makes sweet harmony. By these buildings, we can know the past and present of Perth, as a result, we will be able to find out the history of Perth.
(1) Old buildings

Old Overview in 1897

Hay Street

Perth Town Hall

It was opened in 1870. It is only one town hall built by prisoners in Australia.
I think that it’s the most beautiful old building in Perth.
Another appeal, it is that the Bell rings the hours every day.
The chimes sound nice.

                           Past                                                                   Present

Wesley Curch

It was opened in 1870.
It is one of the oldest church and one of few remained 19th century colonial buildings in the City of Perth.
Around Church there are high-rise buildings.
And contrast between the Church and the high-rise buildings makes sweet harmony.
It is one of the most beautiful townscape I like best.

                                          Past                                                  Present


Contrast View


Western Australian Museum

The Geological Museum was established in the Old Gaol built in 1891.
By “WA Land and People”, Permanent exhibition on display.

Perth Mint

It was opened in 1899,
as a branch of the Royal Mint of London to refine gold from the gold rushes.
It is Australian’s oldest currently operating mint.

The General Post Office

It was completed in 1923.
At the time of opening, it was the largest building in Perth.
It is a heritage landmark building in Perth, WA.
It is in the Beaux-Arts style and magnificent building.
It is located on the City’s business district. And in front of it,
there is a large square where the citizens gather around.

London Court

It was opened in 1937.
It was built so similar to style of Tudor England.
There is the clock bell here too.
The clock is at the decorative Hay Street Mall entrance.
A blue-faced clock chimes ever quarter on an hour.
The clock face is replica of the “Great Clock” at Rouen in fFrance and the “Big Ben” in London
The townscape of British Taste is very beautiful.
People can enjoy shopping and have a coffee time.

(2) New buildings

On the other hand, now there are many new buildings in Perth.
This time, I researched Swan Bell Tower and High-rise buildings.

Swan Bell Tower

It was opened in 1988.
It is a recent building, but the Bells are set of 18 Bells hanging,
and twelve of set are historic bells from St. Martin- in the-Fields Church in Trafalgar Square in London.
It is a specially built 82.5 meters-high copper and glass campanile, commonly known as The Swan Bell Tower.
They are one of the largest sets of change ringing bells in the world.

High-rise buildings

Today, there are 13 high-rise buildings in Perth.
Tracing Perth’s high-rise history, City of Perth data show
that the nine-stories Perth GTO was a stand-out on the Landscape when it was built in 1923.
Heritage Perth executive director Richard Offen said,
“From 1870 until the first gold rush, Perth Town Hall was as high as the city skyline went.
The only other fairly high building in pre-gold rush town would have been the spire of Wesly Church.”

The contrast between the old buildings and the high-rise buildings makes beautiful harmony.
Once, a japanese professional traveller, Kaoru Kanetaka, said,
” Perth is the most beautiful town in the world.”
And, also Perth became known worldwide as the ” City of Light ”
when city residents lit their house lights and streetlights,
as American astronaut John Gleenn passed overhead, and said
while orbiting the earth on Friendship 7 in 1962.

5. Arts
Firstly, Aborigine had their individual culture, language and art. The arts are known in the world as Aboriginal Art. For example, One is Dot Painting. Aboriginal art has a great influence on the modern painting.

Aborigine arts

And, now In Perth there are many arts in the street or the squares. It is a statue, or a wall mural Besides there are various arts. WE can find out the influence of Aboriginal art in these arts.

6. The future of Perth
Perth became 9th the Economist Intelligence Unit’s August 2012 list of the world’s most livable cities, and was classified by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network in 2010 as a world city.
On the other hand, even now, some areas of Perth are being developed. For example, one is the area of waterfront.

However, is it really good that the city is greatly transformed by the development?
Will it bring the Paradise to Perth?
In the past, what did people hope?
For example, it is symbolized by the names of ancient cities or nations, Jerusalem, Yamato 大和, Heiankyo 平安京.
What did these names mean?
Jerusalem meant “The Holy City of Peace”. Yamato 大和 meant “The nation of Great Peace”. Heiankyo 平安京 meant “The Capital city of Peace”. And, also Perth meant “Peace”, according to what I’ve heard ever.
In conclusion, I think that the harmony or symphony of the city is most important. And also, I believe that the peace of the city is most important.
At the end, I hope to introduce the following sentence of an ancient Japanese Constitution- the Seventeen-Article Constitution (of Asuka-period Japan) 17条憲法 飛鳥時代-.
Article 1 ” Harmony is the greatest of virtues.- Wa o motsute toutoshi to nas 和をもって尊しとなす-“.

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