That day- あの日を旅する

Graduation Photograph to All ofYou 卒業写真をあなたがたへ

Graduation Photograph to all of you

Now, I would like to dedicate  the memory of our Graduation Exhibition to all of you with thanks. It is why it was really a phenomenal time.

On the creation of graduation work, the graduates  had the duty that each had to submit three assignments. One was the visual diary which was gathered about the process creating the collection of works through one year. Another one was Photo book, and last one was Video. It was just Graduation Exhibition that we marked our retirement with a fine achievement.

The exhibition had  been opened at the largest gallery of school from 22d Nov. until 26th Nov. in 2016. Each of students had to select 5 images for the exhibition. They had to been selected from photographs which student had taken for three years, and the theme never mean only one. After selecting 5 images, we had to print, and frame each picture. But, this time, the technical expert at school printed, and the manufacturer framed them. Making the catalog, installing the works into the gallery, and preparing the venue were carried out joyfully together by all the members.


From the evening of 22d’s opening day, the ceremony was opened, and the Exhibition Hall became full by many invited guests, including photographers, friends, and families. The classmate’s girls dressed up with gorgeous costumes, and were enjoying with lovers or friends. After the Head Teacher made a speech,  Miss L, as a student representative,  made a speech with thanks. She was the most popular person in our class, and always created a cheerful atmosphere. And, also she was so young,  but a very clever, and a person of steady character, so that she served as a secretary for the Class Exhibition. Also, the speech of this day was a great wonderful with refined jokes. 

I selected 5 images from many photographs I had taken for the three years , which were set on the basis of  three standards, such as not yet opened to the public, Cyanotype Photographs, and photographs in my Photo Book. I added the following  Artist Statement as a caption about my exhibition. 

Artist Statement

This exhibition is a compilation of the study on photography I undertook 3 years.
Each work shows a style that I am pursuing.
“Passing Maiko” shows the movement of time, not a single moment.
It is a main theme on my photography.
“Mirror Street” and “Rainy Street” show the existence in the street by light and shadow. Both works are selected from my photo book “ After Dream Before”. 
“Illusionary Maiko” and “Harmony” show nostalgic mood created by cyanotype. 
Both works are selected from a series work by cyanotype “Remaining Longing”.
It is only because of warmhearted value by my classmates and great support by my lectures that I could create these works.

And now, I think on photography.
“Photograph is a fossil marked by light and time.”*          (*By Daido Moyiyama)
Each of these works shows a page of their history, and also the scenery in my mind’s eyes. 
In addition, photograph is created by photographer’s emotion.
That is exactly why image never separates people.
Photograph is just Universal Language.
Since I arrived in Perth, four years had passed. 
Even so, I didn’t know the city very well, but now I am sure I could come to know it through my photographs.
I greatly appreciate all of you and the Kamisama of photography.


My 5 Images 

Passing Maiko The image was captured at the afternoon in Gion Street, Kyoto. When I was strolling around there, a Maiko passed like flashing in front of my eyes. Just at the time, I seemed she had appeared through old time. I aimed to capture the moment as a moving image like traveling through old time.


Mirror Street The image was captured at the twilight on the wet street. That day, the street was reflecting a weak twilight, after it rained. The wet street like a mirror was reflecting the shadows of coming and going persons, and the roadside trees. It created more melancholy atmosphere. I aimed to represent the atmosphere in the image.

Rainy Street The image was captured at the twilight on the rainy street. That twilight, the shower was disquieting people in the street. Then I aimed to capture just the moments. At the moment, the drops of rain hit my camera lens. But without worrying about the drops, I tried to captur the moments. As a result, the drops of rain could create a good rainy atmosphere in the image.


(EPSON MFP image)Illusionary Maiko The image was captured on the lane at the night in Gion, Kyoto. A Maiko was walking in the lane lighted up by some lanterns. In the light she was emerging dimly. It seemed the figure showed the existence appearing through old time. I aimed to represent the nostalgic atmosphere by the blue color of cyanotype. The picture is one of my cyanotype works, a series work “Remained Longing”

(EPSON MFP image)  Harmony The image was captured on the rainy day in Kiyomizu temple 清水寺, Kyoto. The small branches of trees were decorated with raindrops around the stage of temple. The raindrops were sparkling on the branches. The large stage of temple behind the small raindrops was showing the figure like a shadow picture. I aimed to represent the harmony created by the two existences in the image. The picture is one of my cyanotype works, a series work “Remained Longing”.

My Video

Classmates & Images

After that, on a group of works displayed to the exhibition, the Gallery Owner made an offer to purchase three pieces of works as collection of the Gallery. Fortunately, my work ” Passing Maiko” was selected as one of three pieces. I was told that another day 200$, as the price of a work, was going to pay. However, It was more happy that my work would be displayed  in the Gallery, than the money would be paid. So, I presented my Photo Book to the Owner with thanks, as a result, my book could become one of a collection of books.    

My BooK

Creation of My first Photo Book “After Dream Before”

And, now I would like to express my deepest appreciation to all of you for all the work you had done, so to teachers, classmates, school & gallery staffs, and my family. 

Add an appendix

Song – Graduation Photograph  

English Version 
When the world gets me down I find myself
Reaching for that old leather-bound book
And there he smiles the gentle smile I know so well
And I am back where I used to be

Couldn’t speak when I saw you in town
I picked you out easily from the crowd
A mirror image of your high school photograph
You took me back where we used to be

So won’t you be my distant guiding star
I seem to lose my way among the crowd
Once in a while, in a little while
もっと沢山の歌詞は ※
Come light my way from where you are

Willows spoke, willows swayed to and from
As we walked hand in hand by the riverflow
But now the views have changed that I used to know so well
Can’t take me back where we used to be

So won’t you be my distant guiding star
I seem to lose my way among the crowd
Once in a while, in a little while
Come light my way from where you are

Come light my way from where you are


*Singer-Songwriter- Matsutouya Yumi 松任谷由実 Old name-Arai Yumi 荒井由実 

    Live in1996

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