This day- 今日を旅する

With the coming of winter 冬の到来とともに

Now, in Perth it is just when the leaves fall.
The inner garden of apartment is covered with fallen leaves.
Last year I had finished student life continued from 4 years ago.
And now, while I am thinking back the past days, I am making my new website and blog.
As the website began taking on shape, I already published it. But, for the open of new blog, it will take a little more time.
Because I aim to make it by English.
Since about 10 years ago I have had both sites by Japanese.
But, this time I aimed to make both sites by English for more global site.
The creation of web site is comparatively easy, because images are main, but on the other hand, it takes more times than web site to create blog site, because the blog is built by showing mainly essay.

The Web site is simply named as “達真館 tatsushinkan”, and the Blog is named as “徒然備忘録 tsurezure bibouroku- Essays in Idleness” of blog tatsushinkan.
Each of concepts is explained in detail by each site.
New web site name is the same as old site. Old site have had no update since a long time ago, but it now remains yet, and from now on,
I will have update only about new site.

About the blog, old Japanese blog is “悠々留学絵日記 yuyu riugaku enitsuki- studying abroad diary in indolence”, and it will continues yet.
New English blog will carry articles recommended from old blog.

As each new site has link to each other site, each can enter in each other.
Moreover, I try to have an idea that each new site has Japanese explanation everywhere for Japanese.

When I firstly came here 4 years ago, I didn’t know even there was the season of fallen leaves here. So, I remember I was very happy at the first time I met the season of fallen leaves.
I cannot see flaming fallen leaves like Japan, but I feel at peace whenever I see fallen leaves, and I remember Japan every time.

Now, while I am seeing fallen leaves covering the courtyard and myself long shadow reflected on them, I am remembering a lot of fragments of memory for 4 years.
From now, like the title of blog, I hope that I join together fragments of memory appearing in my mind and disappearing, that is to say, changing with time, as writing down “memorandums in idleness”

In conclusion, last year I graduated studying about photography, and from this year, I intend to be active as a photographer.
On the other hand, also as a photographer, I am thinking much to be in idleness. Now I am thinking time is more important than anything else.

However, I am advertising a little about my photography business.
As a result, 3 pieces of my phots were used on the web site of a Japanese restaurant “Nine Fine Food”.
When the Site was completed, the members of production staffs and I were invited to cerebrating dinner by Mr. M -the owner chef, and entertained with self-praise dishes.
And on that occasion, he prepared Japanese famous Sake “八海山 Hatsukaizan” for us. Also I presented my first photo book “After Dream Before” to Mr. M.
That day, also the arrangement of wine was made, and as the conversation became lively, I drank too much.

After I woke up next morning, just as expected, I got a hangover for drinking too much. That afternoon, checking mail, good news was conveyed.
It was the news about a competition I entered about one month ago.
The competition is “The Magnum Photography Awards 2017” by LenCulture. It was the details my work attracted the editor’s attention and the web site prepared a special feature about works selected, so I was very happy.
And, the result of final screening is going to be opened on July.

At once, I conveyed the news with my thanks to Mr. M.
As I conveyed that the works were ten pieces photos inserted in my book I presented yesterday, also he was deeply gratified by the news.
I put straightaway the work “Road – Traces” in my new web site.

Now, in Perth, winter has come around at last.
The time of every year, from the end of June to July, I return briefly to Japan for management of house and car.
In Japan, the season is just the time changing from the rainy season to summer, so firstly I become flurried.
However, now I become inured to the inversion of season, I am at last beginning to relax.

On the fifth June of holiday-Australia day, it was fine, the near park was alive with family groups.
The park named as Queen’s Garden is near my apartment and located side a street buses run on. So, I often visit there.
And, on the weddings season, the open space is usually used for a wedding ceremony.
In addition, the park, like the name, has an English style garden. In the center, there is a lotus pond, and wild ducks and black swans are living.
So, the pond has a very refined elegance, and it is just the atmosphere like “Water Lily- 睡蓮 Suiren” drawn by Monet.



With the coming winter,
in the park, on the surface of pound,
the last autumn figures were reflected like a canvas, a few of wild ducks and black swans were leaving beautiful trails.




What is beyond the trails? What is in the future?
I was asking wild ducks the question in my mind.

And in the evening, when returning home from the park, the long shadow of winter was reflected on the grass.


今, バースは冬の到来を告げる落ち葉の季節を迎え、アパートメントの中庭には落ち葉が敷き詰められています。






そのオーナーのMさんは、とても良い人で、そのサイトが完成した折りには, 私とそのウエブサイト制作会社のメンバーをレストランに招待してくれ、自慢の料理でもてなしてくれました。その際には、私が日本酒を好きだということで、銘酒「八海山」を用意してくれました。私も最初のフォトブック”After Dream Before”をプレゼントしました。その日はワインなども用意されており、話も弾み、私は飲み過ぎてしまいました。帰りは,私が懇意にしているウエブサイト制作会社の社長のHさんが我々皆を車で送ってくれました。

午後落ち着いてから、メールをチェックすると朗報が届いていました。 一月程前に応募した、LensCulture の “the Magnum Photography Awards 2017”の作品が、編集者の目にとまり、そのサイトで特集してくれることになりました。それは、世界中から応募された作品の中から選抜された作品だけとのことでしたので, 大変嬉しく思いました。 また、Awardsの審査員による選考結果は、七月に出る予定とのことでした。その選考で入賞するかどうかは、まだわかりませんが、とりあえず嬉しい結果でした。

その10枚のシリーズ”Road – Traces”は,早速新しいウエブサイトに載せることにしました。



冬の訪れを感じさせるこの季節、池の水面はキャンバスのように、最後の秋の姿を描き出し、その中を鴨 が美しい航跡を描いていました。



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